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Love Colors as a brand finds its roots in the year 2012, when it was founded by a designer that goes by the name of Julianna Rences Kovacs. She was fascinated by children’s world and because of that, she firstly focused on creating unique toys, decorative and functional textile for children with the goal to encourage the development of children’s individuality and creativity. Later on, she expanded into women and men’s apparel.

The main idea behind slow fashion is to buy less, carefully choosing what to buy and from whom. Love Colors carefully chooses and verifies its suppliers. All non-ordinary pieces from Love Colors are original, thoroughly designed and sewn from high quality certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 fibres. Love Colors collections are intended for people who aspire to be dressed up fashionably and comfortably at the same time, as well as for people who care about their clothes’ origins.