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Sustainable and transparent business in the hands of two skilful Slovaks. Nawelo brand manufactures designer apparel that is based on three main pillars with the first pillar being “Zero Waste principle”, as during the manufacturing process, they use textile waste to create hand-made hemp paper. 

The second pillar is Cradle to Cradle philosophy, based on which they carefully select ecological materials for clothing, from button to the thread itself. Thanks to an innovative approach of Cradle to Cradle, they create designs with nature and its resources in mind. The third pillar consists of “life cycle program”, where a customer can give back used and worn-out clothes back to the seller. 

Thanks to all of the above, Nawelo effectively minimizes the amount of textile waste and gives a second chance to textile that has already been used. Nawelo manufactures its apparel from 100% natural hemp fabric grown in Romanian farms, clothes are manufactured using a traditional method from an ecologically grown Cannabis sativa. Hemp fibre belongs among the most environmentally-friendly natural fibres in the World and during its manufacturing process, Nawelo does not use any heavy metals nor chemicals. 

Nawelo’s mission is to bring sustainability and craft back to the fashion industry. Dress yourself in nature and clothes made with love. 

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