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Ravenala Design brand brings a fusion of Slovak fashion and African materials. Simona Rajan, a Slovak woman living in the African Ivory Coast, stands behind this unique idea. Ravenala Design manufactures sandals, bags and backpacks. As time went on, Simona livened up her brand’s portfolio with apparel that catches people’s attention, thanks to its unique colourfulness.

Every single clothing piece is manufactured manually, utilizing local materials available in the country or upcycled waste materials from large-scale luxurious leather footwear. Local shoemakers and seamstresses take part in the manufacturing process. Elsewhere, in Slovakia, clothes are sewn at a sheltered workshop.

All Ravenala Design accessories, footwear and clothing are released in limited collections due to the scarcity of materials available. That is one of many reasons why it will be near impossible to find identical pieces. 

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