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SussesBag is a Slovak slow fashion brand manufacturing sophisticated men’s accessories and women’s handbags, bags and accessories made of first-class leather that is also used in the interiors of luxurious as well as veteran cars. 

Origin of materials is of vital importance to SussessBag, hence its deep knowledge of its suppliers of leather. Leathers come from German tanneries, some of which have 200 years long tradition. The final manufacturing processes of handbags and accessories however take place in Slovakia. 

Each SussesBag model is sewn manually, with peculiar attention to detail. SussesBag brand focuses on using as much of its purchased supply of materials as possible, attempting to produce without waste. On top of that, they do not produce useless, surplus stock, but rather focus on made-to-order strategy. By doing so, SussesBag fulfills the dreams of customers of a high-quality, personalized production of leather handbags in a sustainable fashion, of leather handbags that will serve for many years to come. 

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