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What are cookies?

Cookies represent a small text file that gets created when you visit any website, including ours. It is used as a standard tool for saving information about how our website is being used.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies can be split into categories based on their purpose. On our e-shop website, we use the following cookies:


Technical cookies: are necessary to ensure the correct functioning of oru website, for example, they allow you to create an account or to buy our items. Their use is therefore unavoidable.


Functional cookies: are used to set your personal preferences (e.g. your language settings) or to help you avoid having to sign-in to your account every time you visit the website. Using these cookies is not necessary, but they help you ease your shopping experience.


Analytical cookies: are used to access data about visitors on our website and how our website is being used. Analytical cookies on our website are collected via Google Inc. script, and are anonymised by Google. We only use anonymous cookies that cannot be traced back to a specific customer.

How you can influence, which of your cookies will be processed

Ordinary internet browsers allow users to clear or reject their cookies, respectively they have the option of using anonymous browsing.


Restricting cookies can also be done by installing specific modules for this purpose.


Restricting the functional and analytical cookies on our website can lead to restricted functionality of the website and can render some functions unavailable.