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Give sustainability a chance and choose clothes that will last for years

Wardrobes filled with clothes that lose their shape, color and get damaged after doing the laundry merely a few times is the reality we face on a daily basis. Sustainability is a solution.

Oblečenie, ktoré vydrží roky

We buy too many clothes in bulks because we feel that we need them in that exact moment, even if we know, that we might find a similar piece in our wardrobe already.

Did you know that 10 to 20 pieces of clothing is a sufficient amount, enough for us to feel both satisfied and to create diverse outfits?

Sustainable fashion is the right way. Even though the popular saying goes “a lot of bang for the buck”, it’s unfortunately not always the case. The question therefore is: why not buy yourself high quality clothes that will not only last you years, you will also support ethical sellers, you will save space in your wardrobe and at the same time, it won’t be another source of financial drain?

Ako spoznáme udržateľné oblečenie?

Sustainable brands have the possibility to manufacture timeless pieces of clothing with generational durability. They are manufactured from high quality fabric sewn by hand, while each piece is original in its own way. For that reason alone, you won’t have to fear that the people across the street will be dressed in the same way as you.

These brands focus more on quality rather than quantity, and that is why their clothes are a masterpiece from top to bottom. The needlework is top-notch and therefore you won’t have to be afraid that the clothes will get torn in the worst moment possible. Fabric is chosen manually, meaning you know that it is in their best interest to choose what will suit you the most. That is the main reason why everyone should give a chance to sustainable fashion and see with their own eyes the superiority of sustainable brands.

3 slovak slow fashion brands

The best and most comfortable fashion of all is provided to you by Ravenala design, offering you slippers and sandals that basically do the walking for you. Simona, the brand’s founder, manufactures footwear from surplus leather that is present in abundant numbers in factories. Each and every pair is manually manufactured with love and with a guarantee of top-class quality.

Natural underwear, in which everyone feels wonderful with each passing second, is the flagship of Creeme, a brand that offers underwear from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Textile used is knitted exclusively for the brand – 100% without any additives and customized for every order.

All pieces are sewn in either Czech Republic or Slovakia and are managed by wonderful women responsible for creating underwear of the highest quality.

Nohavičky klasik Créeme - pohľad na modelku zpredu

Love colors is a brand designed and knitted from high quality cotton fabric with playful colors and patterns. The desire to differ from others or to acquire a piece of clothing that will enrich every outfit is the dream of every single fashion connoisseur out there who can appreciate both style and quality. So why not kill two birds with one piece of clothing?

Muslin dress sewnfrom the softest cotton fabric. Its cut and fabric dances in tandem with your body – it wrinkles naturally and doesn’t have to be ironed out.

Mušelínové šaty na kojenie Love Colors - pohľad zpredu na modelku

We live only once – why not give our body the best things available, while at the same time save nature by not partaking in producing tons of manufactured waste that is caused by buying clothes from fast fashion?



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