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Our principies


When talking about sustainability and responsibility, we need to start with ourselves and behave in accordance with these principles. What is it that we are doing?

  • A part of our office equipment is second-hand. As such, used and discarded shelves have found a new home with us.
  • Non-ordinary pieces are packed using recycled materials and in accordance with the no-plastic rule.
  • We try to minimise the transport of our non-ordinary pieces, starting with our partners all the way to our #slovflowers
  • For in-person collection, #slovflowers can decide whether to leave with the non-ordinary pieces packed in our recycled packaging or use no packaging at all and use their own bags to carry the items.
  • We don’t print the invoices unnecessarily, since we can send them in electronic form.
  • We don’t support over-production, therefore some our non-ordinary pieces can only be made to order.
  • We set adequate prices for our non-ordinary pieces relative to their real value, and we don’t minimise their value through discounts. We support responsible shopping, not shopping for the sake of a discount.

Our activities can appear small to you, but big change always starts with a small effort from each of us…. and we are only just starting.


Besides sustainability, we care about transparency between our partners and our #slovflowers. We care about honest and open relationships with everyone, who wants to become a part of Slovflow.

The transparency can be seen in our attentive choice of partners – within our brands, and our non-ordinary pieces.

We provide truthful and complete information about our non-ordinary pieces to #slovflowers; we give detailed information about their material composition and uniqueness based on our selfless criteria.

When choosing out partners, we use 3 main principles:

  1. The partner cares about sustainable production and they behave responsibly to their employees, the society and the environment.
  2. The partner produces non-ordinary pieces locally in Slovakia or in Europe.
  3. The partner cares about using high-quality durable materials and responsible sewing practices, which creates unique fashion pieces.


Every n-ordinary piece has to meet at least three selfless principles. More about these can be found in the Selfless Standards section.