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Kurinji is a type of a flower adorning mountains in south India. And adorn it does; the sight of its violet-blue blooming flowers is so spectacular, that an entire mountain range in Nilgiri was named after this phenomena (so-called “blue mountains”).  It is an impeccable wonder of nature, but we must wait 12 years to see it. That’s because Kurinji blooms very slowly, and only once every 12 years. The sad thing is, the plant is endangered by developers and it is at risk of extinction.


The damage to our planet has grown immensely, and the consumerism present in our society and the fashion industry do not help. Most of our clothes does not have to be exchanged every year, just because the fashion trends have changed. High-quality timeless clothing can last for generations; it can be inherited, passed around, exchanged or recycled. And nothing stops us from waiting for new items, even for 12 years. Nature teaches us about uniqueness and patience, so let’s listen.


The Slovflow brand was established with a goal in mind: to inspire people to shop selflessly. We want to inspire men and women to care about everyday sustainable fashion. To convince them, that there is a bright and varied offer of sustainable fashion, and they do not have to be worried about it being boring or dull, and that it can be affordable. Moreover, this way they can better their own selves. Because for us, selfless shopping is the main change that society needs to make our Earth better, to help endangered species survive and with them, humanity itself to survive too.


We build a community of people, who believe in the principles of selfless shopping and call themselves #slovflowers. Like a slow flower, like our Kurinji. #slovflowers are people who do not hurry, they have the patience to wait for good things to come and to treat themselves when they really need it.


The evidence behind the idea is our very own story, the story of Slovflow. It is the story of a travelling family dress. The dress was first bought by Andrea’s mum’s cousin, who wore them excitedly. Afterwards, Andrea’s mum inherited them. Next, Andrea’s wish finally came true when she inherited them. After Andrea, the dress went to her sister, and so the dress keeps slowly travelling further and further. How is it possible that one dress charmed so many generations? Slovflow promises timeless original design, basic clothing that can be inherited. #slovflowers call them “non-ordinary pieces”.


“Non-ordinary clothing” represents branded everyday wear from local (EU) producers and designers, which make everyone look beautiful and unique, and which can be inherited. Its advantage lies in its timeless and original design, which can become an important inspiration in your wardrobe. Slow fashion doesn’t have to be boring, dull, or exclusively expensive. Quite the opposite, try its lively variety. It is worth investing in it, due to its high-quality, refined styling, durability of the materials and production and its limited editions.


We believe that everyone who has a heart can be selfless.

We believe that everyone who tries can live sustainably.

We believe that every one of us is unique like a Kurinji flower.


Selflessness, sustainability and unique variety are a part of our DNA. They are the principles which guide the growth of Slovflow.


Dear reader,

Now you know our story. Slovflow does not want to be just another clothing e-shop. It wants to be a voice of slow fashion and a change of thinking, a change for the better version of our own selves and our future. Will you join us? Will you become a #slovflower ?