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Brazil panties Créeme

Brazilian-style underwear made of 100% organic uncoloured cotton with a high-cut back by créeme.


  Made in Slovakia

  Local production

  Natural material

Certified materials

  Sustainable production

  Ethical production




If you can’t decide between the classic panties and a thong, the popular Brazilian panties offer an ideal solution. Made of 100% organic uncoloured cotton, it protects your sensitive skin and is also suitable for women with contact allergy or atopic eczema.

The Brazilian panties has a high-cut back. This makes the underwear look very feminine and sultry. Thanks to this cut, your buttocks will look rounder and your legs longer.

The underwear is beige, which is the natural colouring of cotton, which makes them look invisible even under light clothing. The cotton is breathable, which prevents sweating of your intimate parts.

The Brazilian underwear from Creeme will make you feel comfortable and light, almost as if you aren’t even wearing them.

Materials & Care

100% organic uncolour bio cotton with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications

The cotton is grown and treated sustainably. The underwear is easy to recycle.

The underwear is made in Slovakia by a small family business near Bratislava.

Wash the underwear at 40°C max.

After washing, hang the underwear up and leave to dry naturally. We do not recommend drying this item in a tumble dryer. The underwear cannot be bleached chemically.

Iron at 110°C max without steam.

Naturally, the uncoloured cotton will shrink slightly during the washing. However, it will return to its original state and adapt to your body while you are wearing it.

Eco suggestion: We recommend using a bio washing powder, which does not include phosphates, foaming agents: sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES), or bleach activators, which are hard to decompose naturally and cause water pollution.


Size 34 (XS) 36 (S) 38 (M) 40 (L) 42 (XL) 44 (XXL)
Measurements of hips (cm) 80-84 85-89 90-95 97-101 103-107 109-112



From early in the morning till the late night, lingerie is touching our skin all the time. It is important to choose materials that are breathable and do not irritate our skin. The Creéme brand produces lingerie from 100% certified materials that not only protect our sensitive skin, but also protect our environment during production.

At Creéme from the beginning, they think about produce the lingerie according to the Circular economy and the Cradle to Cradle concept. Because of that they make lingerie from a material that can be easily recycled  into new fiber to create a new textile again.