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Document eco case

Ethically-produced case for documents made of recycled textile and plastic by


  Made in Slovakia

  Recycled materials

  Sustainable production

  Ethical production


  Cruelty free



The case for documents is hand-made in safe manufactories, which create jobs in Slovak regions with high unemployment rates. It is made of 100% recycled textile and plastic.

It can be used to store documents of A4 size. The case can be easily closed using a velcro-type fastening, which protects your documents from falling out.

Give a second chance at life to unused textile and let it get back into circulation. Our planet will be thankful.

Material & care

The document case is made of 100% recycled textile and plastic waste combined with a 100% cotton strap.


Inside dimensions: 33.5 x 26.5 cm

Outside dimensions: 34 x 27 x 0.5 cm


More than 16 million tons of textile waste is produced in Europe annually, and only a negligible portion is recycled. Unused clothing often ends up as waste, yet it has great recyclable potential. Our brand recycles unwanted textile and plastic and gives them a second chance. Cases for electronics or documents, bags and other useful items are produced in safe factories, which employ disadvantaged people in Slovak regions with high unemployment. Our brand aims to raise awareness about responsible production and consumption, and their impact on our planet and its limited resources.