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Leathererette belt Love Colors

Textile leather belt for binding


  Made in EU

  Made in Slovakia

  Sustainable production


  Repair service



The leatherette belt will perfectly complement your outfit. The belt is universal for all sizes thanks to long laces for binding.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Material & Care

Polyurethane textile leather (imitation leather), the inner side is covered with a cotton fabric


Thanks to the long drawstring, it fits for sizes from S to XL.


Designer Julianna Rencés Kovács established the Love Colors brand in 2012.Her children’s world charmed her, so she first focused on creating unique toys, decorative and utilitarian textiles for children in order to encourage the development of the child’s individual personality and creativity. Later, she expanded her work to include clothing for women and men.

The essence of slow fashion is to buy less, but it is good to choose what and from whom. At Love Colors, they carefully select and verify suppliers. They do not keep things in stock, but gradually produce them in a small studio in Galanta.

All non-ordinary pieces of Love Colors are original, thoroughly designed and sewn from quality and certified fabrics. The Love Colors brand collections are intended for people who want to dress modernly, but at the same time comfortably, and they care about the origin of what they are wearing.