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Linen Skirt miljö

Short bell skirt made from linen fabric


  Made in EU

  Made in Slovakia

  Sustainable production

  Natural material




Skirt is made from 100% linen. Linen is breathable and has excellent absorption and moisture wicking properties, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days. I In addition, linen fabric does not accumulate static electricity, which would otherwise attract dust particles. Linen also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

has a raised waistline with ruffled hem for a wider, rubber waistband, making it also suitable for ladies with fuller curves. We haven’t forgotten about enthusiasts of pockets either – you will find pockets on the sides of the skirt. The skirt is knee-length.

Skirt comes already prewashed, meaning, you can wear it immediately upon arrival. Skirt is of universal size. Skirt contains an elastic waistband and is of a wider fit, meaning the skirt can be worn by women of ready-to-wear sizes, from XS to XL.

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Material and Care

100% linen

Linen is a durable, natural material, which doesn’t accumulate static electricity or attract dust. Its properties improve with wearing.

Skirt is pre-washed and will not shrink after washing. Water temperature of 40 °C is recommended for washing. We do not recommend drying the skirt inside a dryer, natural drying is advised. Ironing is also not recommended.


Skirt is 280 cm wide. It’s suitable for various ready-to-wear sizes thanks to its elastic waistband. Skirt is knee-length.


miljö is a young, Slovak brand manufacturing designer clothing mainly from linen.

Linen is a firm and durable natural material, which doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Thanks to its properties, linen has become the key material from which to sew timeless pieces such as dresses, skirts, T-shirts, blouses, as well as trousers, for both women and men.

The name “miljö” is a Swedish word for “environment”. Their clothing products are hand-made solely from natural materials, supplied by certified suppliers. With proper care, this kind of clothes can be made to last a lifetime. Just like our nature also deserves proper care.