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Linen Trousers miljö

High waist Trousers made from linen fabric


  Made in EU

  Made in Slovakia

  Sustainable production

  Natural material




Trousers are made of natural material, linen. Linen is airy, it excellently absorbs and leads away moisture, therefore, you will especially appreciate it on warm days. In addition, it does not accumulate static electricity or attract dust, is antibacterial and also suitable for allergic people.

Trousers miljö are slightly carrot shape. They narrow downwards. They have high waist with frill hem on a rubber band. You’ll find deep pockets on the sides.

Linen trousers are prewashed, so they won’t shrink. Their size is universal, they can be worn by women with ready-made size XS to M.

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Weight N/A

Material and Care

100% linen

Linen is durable natural material, which doesn’t accumulate static electricity or attarct dust. Its properties improve the more you use it.

Trousers are prewashed, they won’t shrink with the next laundering. You can launder them in washing machine at 40°C. We do not recommend drying them in a dryer, rather let them dry naturally. We also do not recommend ironing linen pants.


Trousers are universal size.

They are ideal for women, which wear ready-made size XS-M.

Their waist circumference is max. 116cm and hip circumference is max. 120cm

Size One size
Waist circumference max. 116 cm
Hip Circumference max. 120 cm
Length Max. 90 cm


miljö is young Slovak brand, which makes design clothing mostly from linen.

Linen is firm and durable natural material, which doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Because of its properties, linen has become the basic material from which to sew timeless pieces such as dresses, skirts, T-shirts, blouses, but also trousers for women and men.

The name miljö comes from Swedish and it means enviroment. The clothing is hand-made and only from natural materials from certified suppliers. This kind of clothing can  be made to last a lifetime with proper care. And our nature also deserves proper care.