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Loose cotton shirt AwaClothes

Long-sleeved shirt made from organic cotton


  Made in EU

  Made in Slovakia

  Sustainable production

  Natural material

  Limited collection

  Support of non-profit organisations




Women’s shirt from the ‘Next time’ collection tells a story of an abused woman. In Slovakia, every 3.5th woman experiences some sort of abuse in their life.

This loose shirt made from organic cotton has a classic collar and buttons. It has long sleeves, with buttons and wider cuffs. The unique graphic print on the shirt is inspired by the stories of abused women and it portrays women imprisoned in their own homes.

By buying a non-ordinary AWA Clothes fashion piece, you are supporting the Alliance of Women and by wearing it, you can help us raise awareness about the important and sensitive topic of domestic abuse.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Material & care

100% organic cotton

The cotton material used to produce this shirt meets the GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Fair Wear criteria.

The shirt can be washed in the washing machine at max 40°C. After washing, we recommend hanging the shirt up and letting it dry naturally. We do not recommend using a tumble dryer. The shirt can be ironed, but we recommend ironing it inside out in order to maintain the graphic intact.


Size EU 36 / S EU 38 / S,M EU 40 / M EU 42 / L
Chest 85 cm 88 cm 91 cm 94 cm
Waist 66 cm 70 cm 74 cm 78 cm
Hips 91 cm 95 cm 99 cm 104 cm

The shirt is a loose fit, therefore it fits multiple sizes. The shirt sizes are split into size S (36-38), size M (38-40) and size L (42).


The result of the designer Anita Virág’s creative vision is our brand AWA Clothes. The inspiration for this brand is found in her own life, in her garden and the architecture of her hometown. This can be seen mainly in the refined and detailed designs of each T-shirt, blouse, shirt, dress or coat.

AWA Clothes is a brand for women who want to dress differently, elegantly and never dully. Each item contains an important message. The clothing typically has a refined style and uses high-quality materials.

The limited collections include references to many taboo social topics. In collaboration with a non-profit organisation Alliance of Women, we raise awareness about the topic of domestic abuse and abuse of women.