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Multifunction leather handbag 5V1 PURE

Clutch handbag made of leather and beech wood


Local production

Made in EU

Made in Slovakia


  Ethical production

  Sustainable production

  Natural material



The PURE clutch handbag is made of leather in combination with beech wood. Both leather and wood are treated with natural oils and beeswax, which partially protect it from dirt and water.

The handbag has a thin strap that you adjust yourself as needed, simply by tying it inside. Fastening is solved by a round silver lock. The inner leather part of the handbag is in the same shade as the outer one.

You can carry the multifunctional handbag in 5 different ways. Its multifunctionality lies in the variable leather strap, which you can change and tie as needed. You can wear it on your shoulder, like a cross-body handbag, like a leaf handbag, like a belt handbag or chest purse. In addition, you can wear the leather strap separately as a belt.

The PURE handbag is a timeless and original accessory that will faithfully accompany you on every occasion. You can fit the basic things like a mobile phone, keys and a few other little things. We will also add a cotton dust bag to your handbag. Great for storage when you are not using it.


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Material and Care

100% natural bovine leather (smooth 2-2.5 mm) in combination with beech wood.

The wooden parts are securely glued and riveted to the leather. Both leather and wood are treated exclusively with natural oils and beeswax, which partially protect the handbag against dirt and water. We do not recommend any contact with water.

If you get a little rain, a few drops can leave traces, but they can be removed. Let the handbag dry freely away from the direct heat source. Then use a cleanser for natural leather and treat it with a product containing beeswax or with an impregnating substance.

We recommend that you treat the leather once every 2 months with beeswax or impregnating cream for leather goods, not with shoe products. If not used for a long time, pack the handbag in a cotton dust bag. The bag is sewn from 100% cotton.


Height: 12 cm

Width: 19.5 cm

Depth: 3 cm


Meet a small studio that smells of leather, wood and beeswax. All this is surprisingly combined in PURE design handbags and accessories. The philosophy of the PURE brand is to return to nature. This is also revealed by the name itself, which in English translation means pure, natural, simple.

PURE handbags are manufactured with an emphasis on ecology and waste-free production. They use the highest quality natural leather and beech wood to make the products. They do not use chemicals to treat them, but only natural oils and beeswax. Furthermore, they buy materials mainly locally in Slovakia from reputable companies.