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Women Sneaker grey Melawear (Vegan, Fairtrade)

Women’s ankle sneakers made from organic faitrade cotton


  Ethical production

  Sustainable production

  Natural material

Certified material






MELA sneakers are the first shoes in the world to be certified by the Fairtrade Cotton Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The sneakers are literate all-rounders: The robust organic cotton canvas makes the sneakers particularly breathable. The natural rubber soles cushion the feet and ensure a soft and comfortable fit.  At the same time, it gives the sneakers flexibility and grip. No material are of animal origin.

In order to ensure the sneakers’ longevity, Melawear have used water-based and GOTS-certified adhesives and integrated a 360 ° seam into the design. Thus, MELA sneakers combine modern design with the highest quality for people and the environment.


  • Grüner Knopf
  • Fairtrade Cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS, Organic, CERES-0199)

Additional information

Weight N/A

Material and Care

Outer material is made from robust and breathable organic cotton canvas. Lining is made from durable organic cotton fabric.

Sneakers have grippy and flexible natural rubber sole. Natural rubber padding in the insole and around the heel,

No materials of animal origin.

We recommend a GOTS-certified impregnation spray to optimize the water-repellency of the organic cotton canvas. Sneakers can be clean only by hand – not suitable for machine wash.



Size 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Lenght 22,8 cm 23,4 cm 24,1 cm 24,8 cm 25,4 cm 26,1 cm 26,8 cm

The fitting of MELA sneakers is relatively small. If your shoe size lies between two sizes, please order the bigger size.


Melawear is a German brand that creates a bridge between honest farmers of cotton, from the seed through ethical fairtrade manufacturing process in India to the conscious customer. Its name is derived from the word “Mela”, meaning festival in the Hindi language. Just like festival is a place for connecting people and communities of various descent, Melawear also strives for connecting its customers with apparel manufacturers.

Melawear focuses on basic clothing pieces that create the foundation of everyone’s wardrobe. Minimalistic backpacks, modern footwear and timeless fashionable pieces for women, men and children alike are created with respect towards people and nature itself.

The three basic pillars of the Melawear brand is sustainability, social responsibility and ecological approach, bridging them together in their manufacturing process. Under the Cradle to Cradle innovative concept, Melawear perpetually uses manufacturing materials without producing unnecessary waste. Melawear is first among international brands that complies with difficult criteria set by Fairtrade Cotton Standard and GOTS. Melawear became a part of a social project Germany Fairtrade Textile that supports fair wage distribution to Indian seamstresses. In 2006, Melawear also pledged to use energy from renewable sources in its manufacturing processes, as well as high quality certificated dyes and fabric, which can be then recycled and reused.