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Sales Have Become a part of Our Lives. What Is Hiding Behind the Lowered Prices and Percent Off?

Sales, discounts, special offer or promotions. What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Many of us will feel ecstatic at the sight of an irresistible bargain. However, it has a negative effect on others, as it discourages them from buying discounted products. To them, trying to buy during a sale means having to deal with lots of people cramped up in one place, fighting over a single piece, endless queues at the checkout or being time-stressed while online shopping, thinking that “someone might be quicker and snatch that bargain”.

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Discounts in fashion

These magical words that manipulate the minds of people, motivating them into a shopping-spree, are nothing exclusive to the world of fashion. Today, sales and bargains leap at us from every corner and every minute. By being massaged by them so regularly, we have come to accept them as a part of our lives. But what exactly hides behind all those sales and slashed prices? And how does it work in a fashion industry?

The topic of sales and low prices in the fashion industry is something we wish to be discussing here in the long term. Not many are willing to talk about it in-depth. Fashion brands, as well as retailers, often show us only the end-result, in the form of “70% OFF!” or “BARGAIN !” labels, but something is hidden from our sight behind all those numbers.

To know to shop responsibly is to be fully informed about both sides of the same coin . This will help us in both objectively evaluating and deciding which brand we wish to invest in and, in the end, what value will we be getting for our investment.

All about Sales Series

In the coming months, we will introduce a series of six articles that will discuss what sales and discounts actually are, how customers perceive them and what they mean for the manufacturers. We will discuss the reasons why clothes are on sale and what happens with clothes that aren’t sold out even after listed on discount. We will discuss holiday sales, such as Black Friday. We will discuss discounts and how they differ in fast and slow fashion. We will bring you our opinion on whether sales and discounted clothes are really worth it, what are the advantages or disadvantages they bring, such as negative footprint on society as well as nature, and, last but not least, we will talk about how they affect our wallet and our lives.

How do discounts (or non-discounts) work in SLOVFLOW, we explain in the article We Have Non-discounts. What does it mean? In it you will find the reason why do we offer non-discounts and from which we acctually give a non-discount.

What about you though? What opinion do you have about sales? Are you a part of the group of people that loves sales, or do they actually terrify you and you steer clear of them?

We believe that our “All About Sales” series will bring you fresh, useful information and help you on your path towards a sustainable life.



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