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We Have Non-Discounts . What Does It Mean?

We do not support classic discount sales and we do not want to motivate people into buying our products by baiting them with a low price. That isn’t our goal. Our discounts, unlike total sales in stores and e-shops, are more symbolic in nature. Also, we do not offer them often, and there is a particular reason to it. That is why here at SLOVFLOW we call them “non-discounts”.

What is the difference between discounts and non-discounts?

Let’s explain it by comparing slow fashion and fast fashion business models and their stance towards discounts and sales in general.

Slow fashion brands, including SLOVFLOW:

  • Offer discounts and sales for an actual reason, reasons for sales are transparently communicated to the customer.
  • Offer a limited number of sales per year, and either it’s mostly smaller discounts or none at all.
  • Teach people to shop responsibly.

Fast fashion brands: 

  • Teach people to shop without a second thought, making people buy a lot of things mainly because it seems to be economical and advantageous, even if there is no need for them to buy anything.
  • Have sales that are regular and the discounts offered are steep, often even up to 90% shaved off the original price.
  • Aren’t transparent. What is the real value of the clothes and how are they manufactured, if total sales discount them to the point where they cost just a few Euros or Dollars?

4 reasons why we offer “non-discounts”

  1. We offer non-discounts so that our non-ordinary pieces wouldn’t just lie in our warehouse, especially if they can find a home with our #slovflowers.
  2. We offer non-discounts, because we want to give a chance to the latest seasonal, non-ordinary clothing pieces for our #slovflowers, who will be happy to wear them today and for the years to come.
  3. We offer non-discounts so that easily combinable, capsule wardrobe-friendly non-ordinary pieces can be affordable even to a #slovflower who is currently trying to save money. 
  4. We offer non-discounts because we regularly change clothes we offer, so that you can always find a new piece you will fall in love with. And for that, we need the space to store them. Non-ordinary pieces on non-discounts thus leave room for new ones. 

At whose expense do we offer non-discounts?

Every non-ordinary piece’s value hides hours upon hours of manual labor of its manufacturer. Behind each piece, there is hidden work of enthusiastic people, from farmers to people responsible for processing the material used, designers, tailors but also people responsible for marketing and distribution, who are trying to deliver to #slovflowers their dreamed, non-ordinary pieces. The price of non-ordinary pieces therefore reflects the reality, due to which the price is justified and isn’t artificially inflated.

At SLOVFLOW, we do not give discounts at the expense of people who participated in the production of these non-ordinary pieces. Symbolic non-discounts are often slashed from our own profits, thanks to which we can be here for you, #slovflowers .

Humongous discounts and “Total Sale(s)!” distort the overall value of products and encourage headless shopping sprees, it is something that goes against our goals.

Our goal is to motivate people to shop selflessly. We want to arouse interest in women and men alike in everyday sustainable fashion. To convince them, that sustainable fashion also offers a wide variety of neatly designed and gorgeous, non-ordinary pieces; that they do not have to be afraid of becoming bored or experiencing mundaneness , and that they can actually afford what sustainable fashion offers. At the same time they contribute to their own self-improvement, because we consider “selfless shopping” to be a major change our society greatly needs, helping us feel great to be living on our planet Earth.

All About Sales series

The topic of sales and low prices in the fashion industry is something we wish to be discussing here in the long term because sales and discounts affect our shopping behavior . Not many fashion brands are willing to talk about it in-depth.

Photo: Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

We have prepared series of 6 articles, in wich we will look together at what discounts and sales are, how customer perceive them and what they mean for manufacturers. We will compare the slow and fast fashion relationship to discounts. we will talk about impulsive shopping and how sales affect our finance and sustainable life.

We believe that our “All about Sales” Series will bring you new usefull information and will help you in your way to sustainabe lifestyle.



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